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HSAA Softball Social Media Policy

HSAA Softball athletes must use discretion when using social media. On or off the field, your words and actions represent HSAA as well as you and your family.

Assume anything you post on your personal account could be read by coaches, teammates, opposing teams, former players, parents or other family members, media members, a current employer, future employers, or future coaches. Remember that the Internet is permanent (even if you have restrictive privacy settings).

Examples of social media include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, Foursquare and blogs.

HSAA Social Media Rules

  • Do not post offensive or inappropriate language, pictures, videos or comments

  • Do not post anything you wouldn't say in a public forum as a representative of HSAA

  • Do not post anything derogatory about any teammate, coach, opposing player, opposing coach, or umpires (or anything that could be construed as inflammatory)*

  • Do not respond to posts from opponents that are inflammatory or designed to goad you to respond (take the high road)*

  •  Best practices

  • Check your privacy settings. The strongest security settings for Facebook and "protected tweets" on Twitter are recommended

  • Do not post when you are angry or upset

  • Never post your home address, local address, phone number(s), birth date or other personal information. You could be a target of predators.

  • Understand that anything posted online is available to anyone in the world - any content placed online becomes the property of the site(s) and is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online, even if you limit access to your page

    *Examples of Appropriate & Inappropriate Posts:

    Appropriate posts lift up HSAA players or team without negative statements about opponents.

  • Just won Texas Private School Classic!!! 7-6 over OLV

  • J Jackson pitched lights out tonight. 10Ks. Beat OLV 3-1

  • Won our 3rd Championship title 8-7 over OLV!!!

  • J Jackson crushed the ball against OLV. 3 for 4 with a grand slam!!

  • Slider was dirty tonight! 8Ks

Inappropriate posts contain negative statements about opponents, are an attempt to goad an opponent, or are in response to an opponent seeking to goad you.

  • Just kicked OLV’s b**t to win Texas Private School Classic!!!

  • OLV’s ace J Jackson stunk it up on the mound tonight. Walked 7. Crushed OLV 10-2

  • J Jackson, ur going down on Friday. (even if J is your friend)

  • Ur gonna be throwing inside??? 2 can play that game

  • OLV’s 4-hole struck out 3 times tonight. Corkscrewed into the ground. UT signed her???

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